“Furniture Diamond” competition

First entries in the 16th edition of the “Furniture Diamond” competition!

Although the deadline for submitting applications is still distant (October 11, 2021), the first submitted products have already appeared in the prestigious competition “Diament Meblarstwa” organized by the publishing house Meble.pl, the publisher of the monthly “BIZNES.meble.pl” and the portal www.biznes.meble. pl and Meble.pl SA They can already be seen on the competition website: www.diamentmeblarstwa.pl.

The “Furniture Diamond” competition has been ongoing for 16 years, and its idea is to find and award the best products for furnishing the space in which we live, live and work. Over the years, the organizers have watched these spaces evolve in an amazing way and enter the future. As there are completely new, unparalleled in traditional interior design opportunities and solutions that are not only functional, but also aesthetic. The previous heroes of the background – windows, doors, floors and walls, household appliances, kitchen and bathroom fittings, radiators – have become unique elements that often contribute to the aesthetics and atmosphere of a given interior.

Along with this process, the “Furniture Diamond” competition was also changing, supplemented with new categories, thanks to which the organizers want to show how beautiful and functional our surroundings can be and award the most valuable products and the most creative producers.

Products – any interior design elements – can be submitted in 21 categories, in which participants choose a class: standard or premium, as well as in two additional categories (marketing and communication and visions), without division into classes.

An interesting aspect of the competition is also a special category “young design”, which is an expression of the organizers’ openness to completely new and inspiring ideas of students and last year’s and this year’s graduates of schools and universities, who can submit their projects free of charge. It is a great opportunity to present a fresh and non-standard view of young adepts of the art of interior design to a wide group of manufacturers, which may result in a mutually beneficial cooperation.

The best products will be selected by a jury composed of several dozen experts with various competences, which will allow them to be assessed as objectively as possible and from different points of view. The jury consists of architects, interior designers, bloggers, representatives of the media and organizations, scientists, fair organizers and representatives of the trade sector. When assessing the products, the jury will take into account design, compliance with current trends, innovation, technological advancement, functionality and ergonomics as well as the overall appearance of the product.

The honorary and media patrons of the 16th edition of the “Furniture Diamond” are internet portals, magazines and institutions related to the furniture, architecture and interior design industries, which ensures a wide promotion of participants and their products.




The competition also gained a new Technology Partner – IFS. IFS is a manufacturer and supplier of enterprise software, working with clients around the world who manufacture and distribute products, manage assets and provide maintenance services. A team of 3,300 employees supports more than one million users worldwide through a network of local offices and an ever-expanding ecosystem of partner companies. The organizers are grateful for their commitment and for supporting this year’s edition of the “Diamond of the Furniture” competition.

Dates that cannot be missed:

deadline for accepting applications – October 11
jury vote – October 18-25
informing participants about the results of the competition – October 26-29
publishing the results on the competition website – November 1
ceremonial award gala in Warsaw – December 2021
Challenge the best and take part in the 16th edition of the “Furniture Diamond” competition!

Please visit www.diamentmeblarstwa.pl.


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