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Wood Based Panels Producers Association in Poland


I.General Provisions

art.1.1. Association's name

Wood Based Panels Producers Association in Poland 

2. Association's headquarters

The Association headquarters is located in Czarna Woda-

Research and Development Centre for Wood Panels Industry, ul. Mickiewicza 10a, 83-262 Czarna Woda, tel. 0-585878216, 0-585878716 fax.

3. The Association may belong to international organizations for the fulfillment of its tasks and objectives under this Statute.

Art.3.1a. The Association is a voluntary, self-governing and permanent form of participation of domestic manufacturers of plywood, fiberboard, particle board and staff research facilities and technical support, working on behalf of producers.

2. The area of the Association is the whole country.
3. The Association has legal personality.


art.4.1. The objectives of the Association are:

Working on reaching the European standard of products.

Cooperation with industry associations, international organizations and other countries.

Raising the qualifications of the members of the Association and employees of all specialties of supporting members of the Association.

Tracking developments in terms of the export enrichment offer of products, especially of more processed products.

The intensification and expansion of technical and economic information activities for members of the Association.

Performing analysis and information about the level of prices and directions of development of wood board products.

Organizing technica, legal, financial and economical adivce for Association members.

Representing the professional interests of members of the Association to the government and other institutions.

Organization and cooperation in organizing symposia and seminars of topics of interest by the members of the Association.

Improving forms of cooperation with major suppliers of raw materials for the production of boards and with the recipients of the products.

Improving the organization of production and management methods.

art.4.2. Aims of the Association will be achieved through the implementation of:

Inter-exchange experience.

Exchange of information on new technologies implemented in members of the Association.

Active international cooperation.

Research and development, technical and organizational information and deployment, commissioned specialized organizations and institutions, based on the business plans and the associated budget integrally powered jointly by members of the Association.


Article 5.1. Member of the Association can be any natural person who is a Polish citizen and has full capacity to act.

art.5.2. Member of the Association can also be a foreigner residing in Poland, when being on Polish territory operates in the field of production of wood-based panels.

art.5.3. A supporting member of the Association may be any legal person with the approval of the General Assembly of the Association, as well as person without legal personality engaged in business activities.

Article 6. Acquisition of membership is provided on the basis of the declaration submitted to join the Association and the positive resolution of the General Meeting of Members of the Association.

Article 7. Loss of membership may be because:

voluntary withdrawal from the Association,

evading the performance of statutory duties of the member.

Loss of membership occurs in the form of a resolution of the General Meeting of Members.

Article 8. Rights of  members of the Association are:

active and passive suffrage to the authorities and bodies of the Association are just ordinary members.

participation in general meetings.

 using the effects of statutory activities provided by the Association.

Article 9. Duties of a member of the Association are:

active participation in the activities of the Association,

paying membership fees and participation in financing joint ventures of Association in which members pledged their participation,

observance of the commitments adopted at each other.

Article 10. Membership of the Association is not limited in any area belonging to other associations and organizations

IV. Authorities of the association

Article 11. The governing bodies of the Association are:

The General Assembly of Members,

Revision Committee,

Board of Directors.

art.12.1. General Assembly members meetings  are ordinary and extraordinary and are held at the headquarters of the Association or other place designated by the Board.

art.12.2. The Annual Meeting of Members convened by the Board no later than 31.05 each year.

art.12.3. Extraordinary Meeting of Members convened by the Board or at least comprised of  50% of the members.

art.12.4. Resolutions adopted by an absolute majority of votes cast with the exception of resolutions to amend the Articles of Association or dissolution of the Association, which require a majority of 3/4 of the votes cast, with at least 50% of the members.

art.12.5. The General Meeting shall elect the Association Board and the Audit Committee.

The term of office of the Association bodies lasts 3 years.

art.12.6. The General Assembly approves the plans and directions of activities and budget of the Association, may also adopt the creation of special-purpose funds and determine their destiny.

art.12.7. The General Assembly determine the amount of membership fees.

art.12.8. Adopt the rules of the Management Board and Audit Committee.

art.12.9. The General Assembly, convoke appropriate elections to the Association by the same rules as the choice of the authorities.

art.12.10. Eligible to vote are only members of the Association. Members of the support are not entitled to active and passive suffrage, and the authorities of the Association may participate only in an advisory aspect.

art.13.1. The Association's Board consists of:


Vice President,

Chairman of the Technical Committee (Vice-President)


art.13.2. The Management Board of the Association shall mangae all matters not reserved for the General Assembly.

art.13.3. The President directs the work of the Board and internal organs of the Association:

Technical Committee,


and with the vice-presidents responsible to the General Meeting of Members for implementing the adopted plan of activities and budget of the Association.

Article 13.4. The President represents the Association externally and in international relations.

Article 13.5. The Board manages the assets of the Association.

art.13.6. To incur financial liabilities and assets outside the budget of the Association, a special power of attorney of the General Assembly is required.

To incur financial liabilities and assets within the budget,obliged to do so is the President, including one member of the Board.

art.13.7. The Management Board resolutions are passed by a 3/4 majority.

art.14.1. The Technical Committee is a body of conceptual planning and consultative opinion for the Association. At the head of the Commission is the chairman, with the help of experts who are distinguished experts in the relevant branches of industry, two per each industry:




art.14.2. Appraisers, except the President does not have to be the members of the Association, but should:

own the authority and achievements of technical or scientific in the relevant industries,

promise that the accepted responsibilities will be met reliably and on time.

art.14.3. The tasks of the Technical Commission consist of :

developing a prospective vision and concept development of  wood-based panels industry.

operative development plans, advocacy, research and development, technical, organizational, standardization and estimation of the costs of that activity on economic periods,

presentation and defense of these plans in General Assemblies of the Association by experts of individual industries,

opinions on the substantive and commissioning works commissioned by the Board to individuals research and development facilities, technical and organizational bodies competent for the respective areas of expertise.

Commission works reception are held under the chairmanship of the Chairman of the Technical Committee or the Secretary of the Association.

art.15.1. The Secretariat shall be the Secretary and is an inspiring, initiating, administrative and internal executive body of the Association.

art.15.2. The Secretariat may employ full-time employees of the Secretariat, which employs Association on behalf of the Secretary. The General Assembly adopts the plan limits for the Secretariat.

art.15.3. Head of the Secretariat is housed in the headquarters of the Association.

art.15.4. The Secretariat is working closely with the President of the Association, Vice President and Chairman of the Technical Commission in the field of conceptual work and planning and the ongoing implementation of the plan of activities of the Association.

art.15.5. The Secretariat shall correspond with members of the President of the Association and co-operating institutions in the country and abroad.

art.15.6. It is the responsibility of the Secretariat that it should be negotiating and placing orders for research and development, technical standardization and organizational units of the relevant facilities, commissioning opinions and reviews before handing in the product, under an approved plan of operations, settlement of orders and administer the budget of the Association.

art.16.1. The Audit Commission is an organ of internal controls of the Association and consists of a chairman and two members.

art.16.2. The Audit Commission is obliged to conduct inspection for compliance with the statutes of the Association and to assess compliance with the spending plan and budget, moreover compliance with the law.

art.16.3. Such controls should be carried out not less than once a year during the term of office and before the end of the term. Its findings are presented at the General Meeting of Members and are necessary to obtain a discharge by the Board.

art.16.4. Resolutions of the Audit Committee shall be adopted unanimously.


art.17.1. The Association collects funds for statutory activities based on:

a) annual membership fees, the amount set by the General Assembly,

b) paid deposit of supporting members,

c) receiving donations, bequests, grants, etc.,

d) icomings from the business.


art.18.1. Amendments to the Articles of Association may be made only by the General Assembly.

art.18.2. The Statute elaborated on the basis of the Law of 7.04.1989r. Law on Associations

(Dz. U. No. 20, item. 104, as amended), which is valid among  Association on matters not included in the Statute.

art.18.3. Supervision of Association should be to correct a local authority on the level of provincial government.


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