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Learn more about the structure and properties of boards
Chipboards/Particle boards

Particle board is a wooden material made by pressing under heat, small wood particles (eg. Sliced ​​chips, sawdust, shavings wafer chips band) and / or other lignocellulosic particles (eg. The shives of flax, hemp shives, bagasse) with adhesive. As the binder the most commonly used one is  amino resin (urea-formaldehyde, melamine urea-formaldehyde), rather than isocyanate resins.

Depending on the application the boards that are most commonly produced are: single layered chipboards or triple layered chipboards. Chipboard for the furniture industry are an example of engineered wood panels: the outer layers are made out of smaller sizes particles (including micro-chips), most of chipboard are produced in a flat press technology. There are also known technologies for pressing particle board known as pressure calender, as well as extrusion (thus producing a full plate and a breezeblock)


Chipboard density:

Light Plates - to 500 kg / m3.
medium weight - 500-750 kg / m 3,
heavy - more than 750 kg / m3.
Most sheets are produced with a density of 600-680 kg / m3

Types of chipboard

Depending on the application, the standard EN 312 distinguishes the following types of chipboard:

(P1) - board general purpose use in dry conditions.

(P2) - boards for furnishing -Also for making furniture for use in dry conditions.

(P3) - not-load-bearing boards for use in humid conditions.

(P4) - load bearing panels for use in dry conditions.

(P5), - load-bearing boards for use in humid conditions

(P6) - boards with increased load-bearing capacity for use in dry conditions

(P7) - boards with increased load-bearing capacity for use in humid conditions.

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