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We are pleased to welcome you on the page of the Wood Based Panels Producers Association in Poland
Learn more about the structure and properties of boards

The book "Timber structures - Examples of calculations", Eva Ingeborg Anchor, Wladyslaw Nożyński, Szczecin 2015

Delivered and financed efforts of Wood Based Panels Producers Association of Polish book "Timber structures - Examples of calculation" is designed for those who wish to learn the rules of design and marketing requirements of wooden structures or increase the level of ones knowledge. It contains a brief theoretical introduction to the field of:

the design requirements of the wood, laminated wood and wood-based materials,

basic design principles

and numerous examples of calculations. Examples have been annotated, which task is to draw attention to important aspects of the design process and common mistakes that are being made. It also addresses the selection of materials used for design.

The book can be purchased by placing an order through sending and application form via e-mail: or by calling 58 587 82 16.

Gross price 67.85 book zł + the cost of shipping.

Form of payment- payment transfered to following account : 

Cooperative Bank in Czersk, account number 58 8147 0002 0011 2006 2000 0010

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