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We are pleased to welcome you on the page of the Wood Based Panels Producers Association in Poland
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P1, P2, P3, P4, P5/MFP


Hard, insulating





Plywood, blockboards


LVL, cellular boards
European production of boards
wood derived comes from Poland
boards produced in Poland
The chipboards,OSB
polish engineered wood boards
is used in the production of furniture
About us

Wood Based Panels Producers Association of Poland for over 20 years represents the interests of Polish wood-based panels manufacturers and surroundings cooperating with the industry. Association currently consociate manufacturers of: fiberboard produced by a wet and dry method, chipboard, OSB, MFP, plywood, veneers and other board products, and academia from industry of wood-based panels and businesses working for the industry.
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Wood Based Panels Producers Association of Poland was founded in 1992.
It currently consists of:

51 ordinary members (individuals)

6 honorary members

19 supporting members (legal persons: factories, companies, institutions)

Members of the Association are comprised of all major manufacturers of wood-based boards in Poland.


Join Us

We cordially welcome you to join  the Wood Based Panels Producers Association not only wood board manufacturers but also technology providers, research bodies and all those who are  interested in the development of the market for modern wood-based materials. Read statute

Contact Us

Stowarzyszenie Producentów Płyt Drewnopochodnych w Polsce
ul. Adama Mickiewicza 10a
83-262 Czarna Woda
NIP: 592 120 27 12

Tel. +48 58 587 82 16  Fax. +48 58 587 87 16
Mobile 662 293 382

Learn about meetings, conferences and training courses that we organize and in which we participate. Download the press release of our members.
Explore the benefits of boards
Their combined assets are : eco-friendliness, durability and wide range of applications.But that`s not all.  Each board- depending on the adhesive used or the particle size of the timber used for production -has different properties.  Almost every year, producers bring to offer further, improved products that meet the requirements of a wider range of customers, that find applications. Check advantages of:  chipboard dry method of fiberboard (MDF, HDF, LDF) wet method fiberboard plywood blockboards OSB
- Association`s of wood based panels leaflet - "Guide for wood based panels" presentation - " Silentwood" brochure
Wood Based Panels Producers Association in Poland
ul. Adama Mickiewicza 10a
83-262 Czarna Woda
NIP: 592 120 27 12
Phone: 58 587 82 16
Fax.: +48 58 587 87 16
Mobile: 662 293 382
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